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Running an internet radio station is a time-consuming and costly business.  We have the time but not always the finance to keep us going, which is why we have a section where you can make a donation to us using PayPal.  We’re not begging for money but all contributions will be put to good use to increase our streams and upgrade our equipment to keep your favourite radio station on the air.

Other ways you can help.
We have an Amazon store in both the UK and USA.  If you buy something from either of these we get a small amount of commission.  Likewise, if you use our Amazon search boxes to search for whatever you want to buy and then make a purchase we receive a small percentage of whatever you spend.  If you’re a regular Amazon customer then think about using our shop or searching from our page – it won’t cost you any more but it will send a little cash our way.

If you have any suggestions of items to put in our two Amazon shops we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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